Friday, 26 June 2015


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So a bit of self promo never hurt right? On this note...I've started a vintage clothing/shoes/accessories online business via Ebay and Etsy called Saturday Sister Vintage...

Etsy ~ SaturdaySister
It's my first time selling on Etsy and the shop is still in it's beggining stages. I get the strong impression that people don't just find you on Etsy, you have to work hard to get traffic towards your shop using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. I also feel that people who craft their own products do very well as Etsy kind of has that boutique high class feel, people shopping on Etsy are willing to spend money, but only on something they feel is entirely unique and worth it. On one hand I like this about Etsy, it means that if you become a succesful seller you're able to command a fair price, but you just have to work doubley hard initially to do so

Have a peek at my new Etsy store here
Ebay ~ saturday_sister_vintage
I've been using Ebay as a buyer and seller for many years now, and whilst it has it's annoyances (some buyers, the fees), it's still proven to be a good source of income for me when I've needed a bit of extra cash. I've also found some great stuff on there for much less then I probably should have paid for it. I maintain that Ebay is great if you're a buyer in the market for a bargain, and if you do it right, it can be great for sellers too - albeit the high selling fees 

See my Ebay store here

Instagram ~ saturday_sister_vintage
I've found Instagram to be a fantastic tool in getting my business name and images out in to the world, bringing in a new audience and getting people who wouldn't even have known about my new business to take note. I love composing shots of my items for Instagram, you can be really creative. The likes and comments are encouraging, and I've found a handful of other vintage sellers via Instagram who take amazing photos. I also like to look at large brands for inspiration. Topshop's Tokyo Instagram page is great, American Apparel display their merch nicely and KoKopie Shop put Kawaii outfits together really well

Check out my Instagram here  

More about my shop soon...