Sunday, 8 June 2014

Something NEW

I like making lists and filing things away. It's really sad but it's just the way it is. Therefore, imagine my delight when one morning a couple of weeks ago I conceived the idea of starting a new blog, seperate to Idea, You Gave Me A Fright Dear, with an aim to record what outfit I wear every single day, for a year. 

Why a year you ask? Because it's hard. I've started jogging and going to yoga classes recently, the jogging partly inspired by an article I read in a magazine about a woman who ran a mile everyday for a year. This goal of doing something everyday for a set amount of time appeals to my somewhat obsessive nature. But I can't commit to running everyday. Mayyybe every other day. It's JUST. TOO. SPORTY and EFFICIENT.

What I do do every day is get dressed. And what I do love is the art of constructing outfits. The shapes, colours, patterns of an outfit and how this balances the look out, how it makes you feel, how it makes you act. How your outfit is read by society, how it fits in with current trends, or doesn't. I find it all fascinating. 

This paired with a desire to 'dress up' more (as Vivienne Westwood said ''when in doubt, overdress'') lead me to start 'On Getting Dressed'. My brand new blog detailing every outfit I wear, everyday. And you now know how I like to file stuff? Well that's not limited to physical paper files. No. 

I will continue to write in this blog, when I feel like it. It will be like my bit on the side. My yucky secret casual blog where I write about dumb stuff like the top five men I fancy who are aged over 60... (Robert Redford etc). And the posts won't come thick and fast. They will continue to saunter in as and when they feel like it. 

In this way I've got a blog for fashion/my career and a hobby blog; which feels a lot like filing, and suits me well.

To finish, I'd like to breifly explain why I called this blog 'Idea, You Gave Me A Fright Dear'. I started it whilst I was at university studying fine art. Me and my friends were, let's be honest, not the most prolific bunch. It was more common to spot us in the pub then in any kind of environment that would be deemed useful (gallery, studio, exhibition). We could have tried harder, but we were too busy having fun. Therefore, when I did get down to some work and managed to sprout an idea about some performance art piece, it was frankly a shock. A surprise you could say. Therefore this name was born, fitting for a blog which ambles along doing what it wants, when it wants. 

If you'd like to see me try harder, check out On Getting Dressed HERE

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