Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Continued Love Affair With Miu Miu

AH! Miu Miu! What to do, do? You continue to charm me. Last seasons kitty prints still make me feel all good and happy. Referencing polka dot ditsy print, cats, horses, and a hint of 'fairytale' (in the best way possible), the glitter booties and puppy/cat/horse brooches/shoes/dresses/shirts etc. look as if a child has dreamed up an idea of what they want to wear when they're older and then Miu Miu has made it. It's fun and pretty whilst also being fashion forward. Amazing! Here's one of the highlights...

(Image from  These Miu Miu kitty wedge stiletto's have a strong link to those goth/emo shoes that new age 'rockabilly' girls wear. Though unlike them, these aren't over-embellished...the strong statement shape and print is enough. mm.