Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Continued Love Affair With Miu Miu

AH! Miu Miu! What to do, do? You continue to charm me. Last seasons kitty prints still make me feel all good and happy. Referencing polka dot ditsy print, cats, horses, and a hint of 'fairytale' (in the best way possible), the glitter booties and puppy/cat/horse brooches/shoes/dresses/shirts etc. look as if a child has dreamed up an idea of what they want to wear when they're older and then Miu Miu has made it. It's fun and pretty whilst also being fashion forward. Amazing! Here's one of the highlights...

(Image from  These Miu Miu kitty wedge stiletto's have a strong link to those goth/emo shoes that new age 'rockabilly' girls wear. Though unlike them, these aren't over-embellished...the strong statement shape and print is enough. mm.

Thursday, 6 October 2011



I am beginning to develop an obsession with the idea that fancy dress/novelty can be transformed in to high fashion. I still get excited when I see those goth/emo and fancy dress shops selling fishnet stockings and stargazer hair dye...and equally excited when I see designer's incorporating such influences in to their collections. Picking out a few trashy accesories to work in to your everyday wardrobe can really refresh it. My main inspiration for this is the character of Enid in 'Ghost World'. Below are some examples of said 'trashy accesories'

1) Skeleton tights - £2.99 

To begin, some nice skeleton tights which could be paired with ankle socks and battered 80's stiletto's for an amazing trashy look which would only hint at the idea of costume. Or, they could be worn with a big wooly jumper and black leather boots for a kind of grungey/punky 'Kurt is dead' look. Either way, I'm going to buy them.

(Available at

2)  Stargazer Products (Hair Dye - £2.60)


Stargazer is the beauty range of choice for the young emo. And for me, When I was younger I used to buy the 'rouge' colour every two weeks to keep my hair looking peachy before going to hang with the emo's in cathedral square. Now I think I'd rather opt for the 'hair mascara' which is such an incredibley 90's idea. Stargazer also make fake eyelashes, clumpy black eyeshadow (much better than this subtle Collection 2000 stuff) and black lipstick - at pocket money prices. Yes, and yes. 

(Available at

3)  Silver Studs - Around £9.00 for 100

Attach hundreds of studs to your best jumper/coat/bag and it'll look better. It's just a fact. Obviously their popularity has been boosted by the recent trend of fetish/goth and gaga and blah blah, but if you can just look past that and imagine how special you will feel when you are all studded up, then buy some. The best thing about them is that you can remove them if you get bored as most just attach with bendy pieces of metal. In this case putting hundreds on the shoulder parts of a loose knit oversized jumper would probably be the best way. Lovely Sid Vicious reference all over your outfit. 

(Available at

4)  Goth Boots - approx. £60.00

If you really want to go all out with some 'biker boots' then you might as well get them from a proper goth shop. You will probably have a better time when you buy them, and they will be more HARDCORE. Team these boots with a big jumper dress and you're ready to go!

(Available at

I'm very affectionate towards this subculture and far from looking down on it and trying to elevate it to a 'higher level' I actually think that it's good the way it is. 'High fashion' or independent designers are also creating pieces that nod towards goth/emo influences. 

Bjorg's range of jewellery at Urban Outfitters embraces the idea of goth with The Craft-esque pieces, and I love it. It's very wicker, 90's, witchcraft. Maybe 'Spike' out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer might wear such things? I think if you're going to buy a ring for that special someone, it really should be this one...                              

Bjorg X UO Grip Crystal Ring - £69.00 (

Depicting a skeleton hand gripping a crystal, this one's a real keeper!

Similarly, this Bjorg X UO Caged Sand Amulet - £89.00 ( also has a strong witchcraft element...

Sonia Rykiel and Miu Miu are examples of designers who have also embraced this trend...Rykiel strongly referencing emo (see below).

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Below are my three favourite items from illustrator KAROB's recent collection of homewares/gifts. She draws intricate, otherworldy illustrations on to beautiful found or home made objects resulting in one of a kind pieces that i'd be happy to fill my abode with. They conjur travel, storytelling and childhood in the most charming way. For one of these boho gems, head to Karob's etsy shop at:

1) Illustrated Hearts, Clay Cats and Birds Hanging - £10
Oh J'adore! I would weave this around my bed frame or have it hanging at a window. I may even fancy it around my neck on those rainy days when you need a reminder of summer sun

2) Hand-made Painted Clay Tile Mosaic Frame - £25
This chunky, boho picture frame reminds me of fruity boiled sweets and sea shells... it's like a trip to the seaside! A lovely item to brighten up any book shelf or dressing table

3) Illustrated Storage Drawers - £85.00
In love with this beautiful set of mini storage drawers... be it CD's, or perhaps (thinking outside the 'box') a drawer for your sewing kit, photos, jewellery, letters, souvenirs... anything would look stylish once in these. It's decorated with a creature in capped costume, I wish I had this cape... perhaps Ms Karob should move in to the clothing area next?

Love from, A Fan. X

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


1) Barry M Nailvarnish in RED GLITTER...  Wizard of OZ shoes for your nails... oh my... I am in fact wearing this right now, and am happy to say that it's the best ever

2) Evil Twin Young Blood Duo Colour Shirt... the colours are sort of ugly but amazing together, it reminds me of something I would have worn as a child in the 90's. As a child I had these John Lennon-esque round sunglasses and black patent leather boots which would have looked bitchin' with this...

3) Vaudeville & Burlesque Cat Print Chiffon Dress... Twee but amazing, reminds me of MIU MIU (LOVE LOVE) and could be twee'd down if it was paired with a big huge jacket of your dads 

4) Deena and Ozzy High Black Chelsea Boots... OHHH. I love you.

(Images belonging to and

Sunday, 10 July 2011


I recently took part in a TV show called New Look: Style The Nation. It was a really fun, surreal day. My favourite aspects were meeting the incredibly interesting and inspiring girls also taking part in the show, who shared a love of experimental, innovative and alternative fashion.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I have had a complete infactuation with designer Christian Joy for years, ever since I discovered it was her who was responsible for most of Karen O's on stage costumes (Karen O being the singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's if you don't know). Joy creates amazing, outlandish one off garments that are truly brought to life by Karen's wild stage persona. I'm pretty much in love with everything she has created so will try to keep the images to a minimum, though they are ALL incredible...
Joy flits between an array of themes, sometimes incorporating several in to one costume...glam rock/tribal/dominatrix/new romantic have all been touched on. And to prove that Ms Joy is no one trick pony, she has also created some more 'wearable' pieces such as the collection 'WHEN I WANT YOU IN THE NIGHT' showcased in NYC, which included graphic print tribal/african pattern inspired vests...
(All images from


My friend Abi directed me towards her friend's new online vintage store 'The Owl and the Pussycat' recently, and to my delight I found a trashy 80's print t-shirt and silver sequin hotpants (which when worn together have now become my perfect trash disco summer outfit). The website has been updated so it's easier to manouver around, and by the looks of things the creator has been busy... what started as a small collection of vintage gems has now transformed in to a wide array of  items, some customised (such as the items below), some found. Here are my favourite pieces, which are available to purchase from the store at the following link -

 TYE DYE PANTS - £5 each



The creator of the site also offers a nice 'find' service... You contact her telling her what you're after, be it a glam rock jacket, or fringed bag (yes and yes please), and she will go on a hunt for you, free of charge, AMAZEEE!

Monday, 4 July 2011

ROKIT: Designer's Guild best of...

Below I have picked my 5 favourite pieces from Rokit's independent designer's section (details in last blog). The price and link to the items is also included in case any of the pieces take your fancy...

Black Fringed Necklace - £25
I love this! The ideal statement necklace, and with the fringing and anchor detail on the button, it incorporates two of my favourite things. Created by London based designers BK and JIO...

Native inspired headdress - £60

This incredible headdress costs £60, Brighton based designer Pippa Forster (working under the title Little Wings) can also create custom designs based on your specifications...nice.

Red Fringed Gloves - £18

I would wear these guys in the blustery English winter...part Michael Jackson, part Karen O, part AWESOME, they couldn't fail to cheer me up. Created as part of Cleo Ferin Mercury's western inspired collection 

'Be Bowtiful' Necklace - £20

This bow necklace by Erin Estrada aka. Estrada Monkey could be paired with a vintage lace dress for a Courtney Love babydoll look, or to avoid looking too twee (we hate twee), I would wear it with HUNDREDS of other necklaces and a lace shirt for a mad hoarder vibe...

5) AEM
'The Moose' Medallion Necklace - £54

I'll go for anything with antlers involved, especailly if it's gold and slightly trashy. This medallion pendant happily ticks all boxes. It has been crafted from recycled materials including gun metal by designer Adrian Eric Morales. At £54 it's not the cheapest of necklaces, but the ethics behind the AEM brand (independent, bespoke, recycled...) make up for the slightly hefty price tag.

(All available at


I'd like to begin by sharing two good platforms for showcasing work that I have discovered... This would appeal to anyone creating homemade crafts/customising vintage clothing etc. and anyone who is an artist/textile maker...basically you creative types. The first is at the Urban Outfitter's website. They are currently looking for submissions of work by up and coming artist's to display on their website. I feel that Urban Outfitters is quite a cool brand and far from harvesting your talents to make money it feels much more like they do just want to give artists the attention they deserve. See details on the Urban Outfitters site or click this link:

The second 'platform' has been created by Rokit (super cool vintage store)  and is called the 'Designer's Guild'. They are looking for independent designers to sell a selection of their stock on Rokit's online store... 
It seems like a win win situation...the brand gets a boost from cool individual collections and you get a chance to sell your bits to a wider audience, (the Rokit team also photograph your designs for you and put them on the swish website). So far there have been some beautiful bits and pieces including indian inspired head-dresses and kitschy trashy jewellery (of the best kind).

I will shortly be posting my top picks of Rokit's Designer Guild range...
Muchos Love.

Thursday, 23 June 2011



I've discovered this amazing Moschino jacket from the 90's, which has a 'Cruise Me Baby' label and gold Venetian Lion on the back. It's amazing. Soldier boy. It can be purchased from Lily Allen's online vintage store at ... failing that, why not recreate this gem at a lesser price, via fancy dress...

Not quite as good, but still... cheap n' chic.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

get happy


1) Nirvana
2) Hole
3) Pulp
4) Siouxsie and the Banshees

There's actually too many. So that's the end of that.

oh, and L7, for the violence.

MY FAVOURITE no particular order

1) 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Moshed to death and beyond
2) Sonic youth - Because it's them
3) Pixies - see above
4) Yeah Yeah Yeah's - In love with Karen O always
5) Monotonix - Thought the front man was going to kull me right there and then
6) Modest Mouse - Only caught 'Float On' but that was enough...
7) Django Django
8) Jarvis Cocker - It was a DJ set, but it was amazing all the same, later that festival I would quietly watch on as Jarvis had a cup of tea with his family. Although I was too much of a whimp to approach him, and didn't want to disturb his family tea was the best.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


In this performance I acted as a reluctant audience member, the performer's job was to try and convince me to sing karaoke. The wig reminds me of that scene in 'Lost In Translation'... The performance is slowly coming together.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Oriana Fox

Oriana, you're one of my favourite artists ever.

That was then and this is now...

My current obsessions 2

1) The fancy dress shop in Canning Circus (the ex-hire £1 bin)
2) 90's pop reggae, like Ace of Bass, 'All that she wants'
3) Making all my friends a mix tape but never getting round to it
4) My degree show performance
5) Going to Hawaii and Sydney and NY
6) Bicycling
7) Frocks
8) The film, 'The Graduate'
9) Oriana Fox
10) My new Mini Mouse costume


Cobain In A Coma aka. Patrick Sandberg and Liza Thorn,  I LOVE your name and I love what you do...

Saturday, 26 February 2011


I watched a film called 'Timecrimes' this eve, it's about a man who accidentally time travels and it features the whimpiest man i've ever come across...very worth a watch!...