Tuesday, 30 August 2011


1) Barry M Nailvarnish in RED GLITTER...  Wizard of OZ shoes for your nails... oh my... I am in fact wearing this right now, and am happy to say that it's the best ever

2) Evil Twin Young Blood Duo Colour Shirt... the colours are sort of ugly but amazing together, it reminds me of something I would have worn as a child in the 90's. As a child I had these John Lennon-esque round sunglasses and black patent leather boots which would have looked bitchin' with this...

3) Vaudeville & Burlesque Cat Print Chiffon Dress... Twee but amazing, reminds me of MIU MIU (LOVE LOVE) and could be twee'd down if it was paired with a big huge jacket of your dads 

4) Deena and Ozzy High Black Chelsea Boots... OHHH. I love you.

(Images belonging to urbanoutfitters.com and makeupsavvy.co.uk)