Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bunny Bissoux, I Love You

I've loved artist/writer/costume maker/general all round cool gal Bunny Bissoux for a good 8 or more years now. I imagine I found out about her via some strange coincidence - I think it involved discovering her details in a toy machine plastic dispender container, as part of an art show in Brighton.

She makes really amazing costumes, she illustrates stuff, she makes zines, she has a super bitchin' Big Cartel shop selling deadstock playing cards. She moved to Japan from the UK. All this scores large points on my 'you're so cool I love you' radar.

Fast Food Outfits, Hotdog Dress and Coat, Handmade From Mixed Fabrics, Bunny Bissoux, 2007

Purikura Hontou Vol.II Zine, includes mini colour poster, Bunny Bissoux
'Tokyo' Sticker Set, Bunny Bissoux x Lazy Oaf,
Powder Pink Magic 2 x Pin Badge Set,

For more info on Bunny, including commissioned work, visit her website:

And check out her Big Cartel shoppe: