Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Am I the only who doesn't understand Google+ and has no desire to learn to understand it?

I can't recall the first time it appeared in my life, all I know is I was perfectly happy with this blog, my other blog, and YouTube, when all of a sudden out of nowhere stupid Google+ appeared and made everything go weird. 

Maybe I'm a techno-phob. I just can't be arsed to get my head around new technology, IT programmes and Google's strange social media ephiany when I'm fine with the way things are. Whoa, I'm starting to sound 88 years old. I have an i-pod, but I only bought it when I literally couldn't bear the thought of lugging round a CD walkman and a case full of CD's on another trip. I had an old Nokia phone that cost me a tenner in Tesco. It was fine for what I needed. But then I was given an old smartphone and that opened up a whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes). My friend had to slowly and patiently talk me through Instagram, the concept of apps, how to just even use the thing etc. She was like my grandaughter that day, bless her, she did a good job. I now enjoy Instagram very much, and the smartphone, though not used to its full potential, has become a thing I rely on.

These examples illustrate how I will not accept new tech stuff in to my life, unless it's forced on me, or I have to. So when Google+ appeared I tried not to pay any attention to it. What's this 'sharing cloud'? What so you follow people on it, and your blog is on it and then all the comments you've made on YouTube appear on it like a horrible reminder of all the naff shit you've said on other people's videos (don't worry, I'm not a troll, it's more like gushy comments on vlogger's videos who I love. Helen Melon, Keira Rose, JingleHeartArt, I'm talking about you). 

It looks clumsy too, there's boxes everywhere. I have no clue what is what and where I'm meant to do anything. So, I decided a couple of days ago to get rid of the bugger. I found out how to completely delete it and the feeling of satisfaction and smugness I felt clicking through to the final confirmation screen ''do you REALLY want to delete your account?' was almost as good as when I recently deleted my Facebook (I'm embarking on a bit of social media cull right now).

But that smugness only lasted a little while after I realised that oh, now no one looks at my blog. Rather then feel sad, I laughed when I saw the numbers of views on my recent posts. Good quality stuff (ah hem) that would have attracted at least 10 views by now, with one view? This isn't right! I'm used to not having a large following, and I'm ok with that because I know that if I worked really really hard at it, like some people do, I probably could get more followers. I've also accepted that I do this for myself, because I love writing and taking photos, I love looking back at the blog and I hope to one day write a column for a magazine, like ELLE. So I see all writing as practice. But one view! It's comically bad.

I've decided therefore to go back on Google+ and try to work out WTF is going on with it so I don't hate it as much. Actually I probably will still hate it,  judging by the popular opinions of my friends and family. But you know, you've got to get those views.

So here I go, back in to the world of Googleidiot+. Now how do I re-join?