Friday, 29 May 2015

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Siamese Dream, by Me


1) Cobain
2) Lolita
3) Reading glasses (I've meant to get the lenses of these replaced with prescription ones for about 5 years)
4) My Reality Bites phase
5) Glam rock from Amsterdam


Breakups really suck bad. I've been through a few.

Music is the perfect medicine, maybe taking a little bit of the pain away, just for a moment. Many 'Best Break Up Song' lists have been compiled over time just as many hearts have been broken. Jeez sometimes you even find whole break up song double albums (don't buy these). I find the notion of a good break up song strangely intriguing, what is it about certain songs that make you feel things you need to feel during a break up? What is the artist saying that makes you relate or allows you some peace?

Following a nasty break up I went through six years ago, which took me a long time to get over, one of my BFs Steven made a mix cd for me with some excellent tracks on it, to sooth the blues. He also came round to my house every night for a month (or so?) and simply kept me company whilst I drank a bottle of wine and just cried and stuff. I will never forget that, thanks.

In the spirit of trying to help and also simply looking at which songs score highly on my emo register, I've compiled my top five break up songs to match the five phases psychologists say we all go through during a break up. I hope that if you have a broken heart, even just one of these guys might be a friend whilst you're in a dark place. And just remeber... a) you WILL be ok, I promise and b) as it was before it will be again - there was a time before you met your ex partner, when you were fine without them.

Phase 1: Denial
Elliot Smith - Somebody That I Used To Know

This should gently ease you in to the realisation that it's over, perfect for the denial phase. ''Now that you're big enough to run your own show, you're just somebody that I used to know''

Phase 2: Confusion/Mania
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

A beautiful song packed with distortion which will match feelings of confusion and mania. Bitter sweet, melancholy, dark and amazing

Phase 3: Anger
Peaches - I Don't Give A Damn

''I don't give a fuuuuuuuucccckk''. You do give a fuck, otherwise you wouldn't be heartbroken, but it's nice to feel like maybe you don't for a minute, and just FUCK. THEM

Phase 4: Extreme Sadness 
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U

Hate it or love it, this song IS the extreme sadness phase.The title says it all. You know, you have to listen to it. Go on a cry marathon alongside Sinead and watch the video for extra cry cues

Phase 5: Moving On
The Dresden Dolls - Truce

You would never want to choose The M People - ''Movin On Up'' for this phase. No way. Instead listen to eight minutes of beautifully crafted lyrics alongside some delicate vs. angry piano. For me this is the ultimate break up song. In the first part Amanda talks about dividing countries up between her and her ex, so they never have to bump in to each other. A novel idea and something you wish you could really do...''you can have Washington, I'll take New Jersey, you can have London but I want New York City''. But, screw the niceties. Shit gets real at 5:07 so be sure to keep listening, because it's a long one but worth it...''my place may be taken, but make no mistake, from a little black box you can say without shame, that you've lost, do you know what you've lost?'' This song perfectly expresses all emotions surrounding a break up, thankyou Dresden Dolls