Monday, 19 August 2013


Current obsessions/ items of note

1) Bunny Bissoux's Personal Blog

Image: Courtesy of Bunny Bissoux

(Artist, illustrator and obsessive fanatic. Raised in England but currently living in Tokyo and the internet)

 2) Show me the money

OH. I need some cash. I tried to take part in a paid medical test recently but I failed because my tiny, crabby lungs are too feeble. I have just endured a day of work at a large clothing retailer, and it was my first and last day. Let's just say, it was like being in hell (not Mordor). There's nothing like quitting a job after the very first day to make you feel fuzzy

3) Thinking about stuff and reading

I've been trying to make money and in the process of doing so I have been thinking a lot about how money dictates what you can and can't do, a shame really. Perhaps if you have money, you don't share this attitiude with me. It's only those who are broke that will find truth in this statement

4) Post Punk

Siouxsie, Slits, Raincoats, PiL. PiL are so much better than the Sex Pistols obviously. There was a really great documentary on Post Punk on BBC4 recently, which prompted me to want the below t-shirt and also to buy, in no particular order, the following on Amazon:
-The Slits (Cut)                                         
-Aztec Camera (Best Of)
-PiL (First Issue)

I always feel kind of lame buying 'best of' compilations. It's really sad, like saying I don't want to explore you in a way you want to be explored...I just want to listen to your greatest hits in a cold and mashed up order, and then discard you. Buying a best of CD is the music retail equivalent of having a one night stand

 5) Not buying

I'm going to delete my Asos, Topshop and American Apparel subscriptions. I might delete all of my Amazon wish lists, and I will almost certainly delete all of the items in my 'watched' list on Ebay (including above t-shirt). Spending money feels cold. Even at the time of handing over the cash, you know the item will not improve your life, it will not even mark it. does promise to, in some small way. I don't need nor want many of the material items which I have accumulated so easily and sneekily over time. It was so liberating living out of a suitcase. Fun fact: the more you have, the less happy you are

6) Ghost World

I've loved this film forever. Enid and Rebecca are so so mean. To everyone. Sometimes I get in a 'Ghost World' mood and I can be so horrible to strangers. So cutting with my brutal yet shallow insults. It's good to be mean for at least an hour a day

7) Storm Petrel

I'm on to the second book charting the voyage of Storm Petrel now, called 'Gambia and Europe Alone in a Boat'. My mum was reading it and I had finished the first book, so there was this horrible lost period where I was in literature limbo and I had to start reading 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov. Thankfully book 2 was freed up later that same afternoon and so I am now happily reading that instead