Friday, 24 July 2015


I subscribe to Elle magazine, so I get a regular window in to high fashion trends and highstreet substitutes. I like Elle because I feel it has a slightly alternative edge, despite being a mainstream fashion magazine. I would love to write for Elle one day, but now I'm really going off topic. 

Via Elle I have seen a few key pieces recently which I would buy if I had cash to burn (not just regular wages, I'm talking lottery win). These are items I'll probably never be able to afford, items which rich kids might even think twice about. But it's nice to look at them, think about them, and not buy them.
Miu Miu Yellow Faux Snakeskin Coat
This isn't even for sale yet, it's from A/W15 Paris Fashion Week. Whoa. I predict it will be in the £1000's when it's finally released to the masses via something nice like NET-A-PORTER or the Miu Miu website. I love the colour, the kitschy texture, the slightly short sleeves, the collar which nods to the 60s, the fact it looks like a 1970s kids coat which has been made a bit bigger for a woman. . .
Celia Birtwell for Valentino Pre Fall 2015 Collection - Dress
I would wear this amazing see through nudey embroidered dress to get married in! Again, the price is very elusive (either it's not for sale yet, or I'm not wealthy enough to even know the price). The grey makes it a tad ugly, which I like. It's a striking choice when juxtapositioned with the bright sunny references that are splashed all over it. It's transparency stops it from being twee.
Jacquemus La Robe Manches Longues Shirtdress
I'm a big fan of the off-kilter tailoring of this piece, the subversive use of underwear as outerwear and the Star Trek costume gone wrong look. I'm not joking - I think it's cool. 430 (US Dollars).