Wednesday, 8 July 2015


2) Curling Tong & Brush (Ceramic Coated) by Boots
This amazing hair styling tool was only £10 from Boots and it really is the ticket. You know those days where your hair looks MEH, maybe you have roots coming through or you just can't find the inspiration to do much more than a top knot. Well, plug this in and within minutes you'll have a subtle wave to your hair with added volume, no more stupid hat hair. I've found taking large sections of hair and twisting it with my fingers, then clipping the end of that section on to the tong and curling it round, holding it for around 20 seconds and then ruffling it gently once released, acheives great subtely curly hair. Just don't forget heat protecion spray kids
3) Doing an MA
I've thought on and off about going in to further-further education having finished a uni degree a few years ago. Now seems like the right time. I'd love a career doing something I love and I think an MA is the way I will achieve this. Now I just need to raise some (a lot) of dollar. Learning is mighty expensive
4) Giving Stuff Away
I've given an awful lot of stuff away to charity shops, friends and strangers via Ebay recently, and this will continue. I almost breathe a sigh of relief each time I get rid of more stuff. Ofcourse, there are things I would never get rid of... favourite jeans, albums, the dress I wore on the first date with my boyfriend, (the word date used loosely). But increasingly I'm finding it more liberating to give things away then buy things
5) Pretty Little Liars
Super trashy. But smart enough to keep me interested for already 2 series (each series houses around 20 - 1 hour long episodes), and to spur me through another 3 series yet to come. I actually started watching this show when I was in India a few years ago. It was the only western show on TV and me and a friend became kind of obsessed with it, as a little thread to something more familiar. Now every episode is on Netflix, and I'm smitten