Wednesday, 15 August 2012

NAUSEA BABY - A battle between Fine Art and Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff is a designer collaboration that makes pieces fitting for a fancy dress bargain bin. Me and my friend Natalie used to go to our local fancy dress shop whenever we felt depressed (which was regularly, you'll be happy to hear). We were students on a fine art course, and when that sweet and elusive inspiration didn't come, we'd go buy some bits from the £1 bin at one of Nottingham's fancy dress shops. It always made us feel better, especially once when Natalie let me borrow the money to hire a two person horse costume. 

I like Meadham Kirchhoff (aka Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff) because what they make is kind of disgusting anti-fashion. It's nausea all over. It disgusts me, and I love it. 

P.S. Because I'm Bitter, I'm gonna go to Twitter.