Saturday, 23 June 2012


Three slightly back dated 'What I Wore's'. I have been visiting friends in Brighton and London over the past week, so, I've been living from a capsule wardrobe, hence the same cardi in each outfit. But really, it's the's alpaca wool and only cost £5. Anyway, on my trip this was what I mainly covered up with...
Sunglasses: From an Indian street seller, Scarf: Borrowed, Cardigan: Charity Shop, Bag: India, Dress: Charity Shop,  Leggings: Topshop, Shoes: H&M
Cardigan: As before, Dress: Sale at Primark, Lace Crop Top: Charity Shop, Handbag: Vintage, Trainers: H&M
Hat: Found, Sunglasses: H&M, 'Crappy Florida' T-shirt: Borrowed, Cardigan: As Before, Handbag: As Before, Camera Bag: Borrowed, Jeans: Charity Shop, Shoes: As Before