Sunday, 24 June 2012


Gold and Layered- T-shirt: My Sister's (found on the floor in a club toilet!), Bag: 80's Vintage, Taupe Maxi Skirt: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop

I've been experimenting more with layering of late...combining oversized with tight, mixing shapes and lengths. It gives a playful experimental vibe that looks cooler than wearing pieces in the expected way. The trick is to make it all look thrown together, even if it took a while to choose. Wear confidently, don't fuss with your clothes, have a laid back attitiude. Attitude, after all, is a key element to how a look comes across.  

The wonderful Gold 80s bag is my go to thing when I need to add an instant trashy-glamorous touch.  

Years ago I got given a copy of the beautiful 'Amelia's Magazine'. In it was a feature about Olanic - a fashion designer, shot by photographer David Poole. The below image from it has stuck with me, and is always at the back of mind when I think of layering. The balance of print, shape and size works excellently.