Friday, 29 June 2012


Today I'll be sharing two disgusts of fashion. The first has been hanging round for a while like a bad smell. The second is a seemingly new trend. Here goes!

1) 'IRREGULAR CHOICE' Shoes                                                                

Irregular Choice shoes unfortunatly look like some kids have spewed on some wedges from 'George' at Asda, and then gone to playgroup and stuck all the shit from the craftbox on to them. I bet they are indeed an 'irregular' choice for consumers. Who is the brands target audience? It's as if the designers' brief was to create the most ugly, tormented shoes possible. 

And it's not just stilettos and wedges that the brand has managed to tarnish, but boots too. The bizarre hidden wedge-Leather strap- Cath Kidston combo and the Red 'Queen of hearts'/Japanese reference/dice/ribbon/18th century style boots (below) are also the work of this confused brand.

Unsurprisingly, the website only adds to the confusion... .Cartoons in the style of 'Moshi Monsters' and just stuff and floaters everywhere. A regular spew fest. For more helpful info, please refer to a review by 'The Fashion Police' - 

2) 'Stiletto' Nails

This refers to the trend of shaping long nails to look like a stiletto heel, presumably, or a villains claws...

They just really creep me out. Is it a good idea to style your nails to look like a vampires? Maybe. But don't try to pretend like everything's ok whilst you have them on (it's almost always false nails used to acheive this look). It's not just the sheer impracticality of them (umm, how would you do anything?) but it's because they look so aggressive that puts me off. Little weapons right there.
Each to their own, but it's a no from me.

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