Monday, 4 July 2011

ROKIT: Designer's Guild best of...

Below I have picked my 5 favourite pieces from Rokit's independent designer's section (details in last blog). The price and link to the items is also included in case any of the pieces take your fancy...

Black Fringed Necklace - £25
I love this! The ideal statement necklace, and with the fringing and anchor detail on the button, it incorporates two of my favourite things. Created by London based designers BK and JIO...

Native inspired headdress - £60

This incredible headdress costs £60, Brighton based designer Pippa Forster (working under the title Little Wings) can also create custom designs based on your specifications...nice.

Red Fringed Gloves - £18

I would wear these guys in the blustery English winter...part Michael Jackson, part Karen O, part AWESOME, they couldn't fail to cheer me up. Created as part of Cleo Ferin Mercury's western inspired collection 

'Be Bowtiful' Necklace - £20

This bow necklace by Erin Estrada aka. Estrada Monkey could be paired with a vintage lace dress for a Courtney Love babydoll look, or to avoid looking too twee (we hate twee), I would wear it with HUNDREDS of other necklaces and a lace shirt for a mad hoarder vibe...

5) AEM
'The Moose' Medallion Necklace - £54

I'll go for anything with antlers involved, especailly if it's gold and slightly trashy. This medallion pendant happily ticks all boxes. It has been crafted from recycled materials including gun metal by designer Adrian Eric Morales. At £54 it's not the cheapest of necklaces, but the ethics behind the AEM brand (independent, bespoke, recycled...) make up for the slightly hefty price tag.

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