Thursday, 1 September 2011


Below are my three favourite items from illustrator KAROB's recent collection of homewares/gifts. She draws intricate, otherworldy illustrations on to beautiful found or home made objects resulting in one of a kind pieces that i'd be happy to fill my abode with. They conjur travel, storytelling and childhood in the most charming way. For one of these boho gems, head to Karob's etsy shop at:

1) Illustrated Hearts, Clay Cats and Birds Hanging - £10
Oh J'adore! I would weave this around my bed frame or have it hanging at a window. I may even fancy it around my neck on those rainy days when you need a reminder of summer sun

2) Hand-made Painted Clay Tile Mosaic Frame - £25
This chunky, boho picture frame reminds me of fruity boiled sweets and sea shells... it's like a trip to the seaside! A lovely item to brighten up any book shelf or dressing table

3) Illustrated Storage Drawers - £85.00
In love with this beautiful set of mini storage drawers... be it CD's, or perhaps (thinking outside the 'box') a drawer for your sewing kit, photos, jewellery, letters, souvenirs... anything would look stylish once in these. It's decorated with a creature in capped costume, I wish I had this cape... perhaps Ms Karob should move in to the clothing area next?

Love from, A Fan. X