Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Today I went vintage clothes shopping and bought my very first item of designer vintage apparel. I've never ventured in to this territory before, mainly because I've never been able to afford it, and I suppose I haven't come across many wearable designer items. I once found some tartan Moschino cigarette pants from the 80's in a charity shop, but they were size 16, expensive, and I just couldn't justify buying them.

So I'm very smug about this lovely wearable, timeless item. It's a Green graphic print L.K Bennett midi dress, and I'm really rather smitten, hence photographing it as soon as it came out of the bag like some kind of saddo, and then creating this post...

I love the print, colour, shape and how lady like it is, if this doesn't make me feel like a grown up, nothing will! Then in the vintage shop, I saw my ex-boyfriend's brother, so I quickly ran away which is another saddo moment of the day. Hmm. At least I had time to buy LK before scuttling away.

The End