Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello. I'm going to write about my lust of the day, a collar. These have been around for ages now. But that's fine. Because I like to 'get in to things' late. For example, an album released at a certain time may be really amazing...but all the hype and publicity puts me off, so I wait until it's died down and then I can listen to it nicely. Similarly, I'm now going to buy a collar and will be happy in the knowledge that this ship has sailed. What follows is my favourite collars in no particular order -

1) Erickson Beamon at Urban Outfitters Leather Stone Collar - £80

2) Light blue Collar Jewel. Swarovski, pearls and leopard by Rainshade at Etsy - £39.00

(Sara Biondi at Etsy)

3) Topshop Graphic Section Collar Necklace - £25.00

4) Rokit Recycled Black Leather Studded Peter Pan Collar - £25.00

I'm after the very embellished type to wear with a plain cotton coral tone t-shirt and peg leg trousers (boy day) or faux leather skater skirt (girl day). I have decided to attempt to make my own. These attempts often start out ok but turn all horrible and make me feel sick then I'm forced to throw the thing Ive been working on under the bed and forget it ever happened. Fingers crossed for this time! I'll let you know.