Monday, 20 February 2012


Charity shopping can be a creepy experience, but one that is completely worth enduring for the amazing oddities that can be found. For starters there's the smells...a combined mesh of odours from the donations (like when you mix all the paint colours together and it makes brown). Then there's the anonymous crusts of god knows what on the jumpers, the horrible local radio station, the shoppers who get jealous when you find something and think the rail you're browsing has all the anwsers so push you out of the way to look (this happens A LOT).

Today I decided to go charity shopping down a street near where I live which has 3 or 4 really decent charity shops. I wore my creepers...they are actually faux creepers picked up on the high street for cheap. But I'm broke more often than they'll do. I like the ugly donkey brown colour and the thick sole/pointed toe which gives them an unflatteing/clumsy feel which I really enjoy. Teamed with cigarette pants and black 'school' socks, I felt sufficently creepy and hit the charity shops. I was NOT dissapointed, finding tons of great stuff for dirty cheap, this included...

-An amazing red stitched waistcoat from the 70's (£1)
-An electric blue wool full length granny coat (£3)
-A hand knitted cardi (£1)

and I also really enjoyed bantering with the dears who worked there...thanks, creepy charity shops. I love you.