Thursday, 13 June 2013

STORE PROFILE: Hope & Harlequin, plus Anami and Janine

Image couresty of Google

The Brighton laines are great for clothes shopping, as we know. There are the regular favourites that cry out for our attention...and some more reserved little boutiques that are easily looked past but still very much worth visiting. One of the quieter ones is Hope & Harlequin, situated down Sydney Street on the North laines. 

It' s a smallish shop, but the collection they stock is so beautifully curated that it feels like a massive dream wardrobe. Concessions such as Anami and Janine (more about them below) sit next to vintage designer pieces, re-worked vintage, wedding dresses, accessories and some home-ware (though I failed to notice any home-ware due to my being in ore of a certain dress). Every garment I saw was a dream come true, from amazing 70's silk kaftans and beautiful chiffon dresses to super bright pops of colour in 60's vintage glasses. I just loved it in there. It wasn't your dirty dig for gold style vintage warehouse, but a carefully constructed paradise. 

All images property of Hope and Harlequin, background image Mendocino at FreeSpirit Fabric

The website (link above) only sells a fraction of what is in the shop, so if you're in Brighton, I would definitely recommend going in and having a look. It feels like what I imagine a super chic dress up box/classy 60s boutique to be like. They do have a section of 'sold items' on the website so you can have a look at the type of thing they sell and feel jealous - I've collected together my favourite bits above. These range from a 50's handbag and an embroidered vintage shawl to 70's platforms and a painted 1930's clutch bag. All good.

I was actually first attracted to this store by the dress in the window. The most beautiful and amazing dress in the whole world (below, RRP. £96.00). It's new but inspired by vintage shapes, with mermaids all over it swimming around little starfish and I just want it SO much. But times are hard, must be sensible blah blah. If I faked a wedding and had it as my wedding dress, would that justify me buying it? I'm obsessed with mermaids as it is, but when someone puts them all over an amazing dress, it's a winner.

I did a bit of research and discovered that said dress is actually by design duo Anami and Janine (which I would also highly recommend you take a look at). They sell on Etsy, as well as their own website, which is great if you want to shop online. All their items are handmade using similar fabrics to the mermaid one, on dresses/shirts/kaftans. You should check out the Laksmi Goddess Print Dress while your at it - realllyyy cool. They're collections include 'Grecian Goddess S/S 2012' and 'Harlequins in Wonderland'. These girls are awesome. 

So yep, for now I will just lust from afar at mermaid dress, and if I feel in high enough spirits I might do a special post dedicated to cool mermaid stuff I've found. I actually really want a mermaid tattoo, that's dedication. Ohh and, the pretty fabric used as background in the above images is by a designer called Medocini, and can be bought at the FreeSpirit fabric website. The fabrics are also all mermaid, fish, underwater themed (it's having a definite moment). 

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