Wednesday, 27 March 2013


When I think 'groupie' I'm thinking empowered femmes...not some sort of wimpy, dependent drug girl. Much more Penny Lane in Almost Famous than 1980's prosey there to 'service' all members of the Motley Crue. Eww. I'm under no illusion about what a groupie is ultimately there for... and deep down I know that it's a trashy concept that can't exist alongside any sort of feminist values - but let's not allow that to ruin the alluring images I have in my head concerning the groupie. Besides, I'm sure close up it was all a bit of a mess - but if you stand far enough away, like in the year 2013, it's glamorous.
Pamela Des Barres - groupie extraordinaire & writer of  'I'm with the band - Confessions of a Groupie'
Empowered femmes from the 70's in big faux fur coats, paisley print and tea dresses. Tassels and velvet. Unkempt hair and last night's blue kohl eyeliner. The odd sequin, a kimono over jeans and a vest. It's the most desirable of all looks - carefree and thrown together whilst being incredibley chic and interesting. It looks as if you didn't spend any longer than a minute pondering what to wear, you pretty much picked up clothes from the night before off the floor and threw them on - along with a big afghan coat. There's something vile about an outfit that looks overly composed and polished, which is why one of my pet hates is matching shoes and bag with each other.

Another key element to the 70's groupie style is to look eclectic. Each individual item is mismatched in a way that suggests a life that is disorganised, exciting and bohemian. The wearer looks well travelled and full of intrigue. A look achieved through travelling with a touring band, perhaps. Going back to the film 'Almost Famous' - I'm really rather infactuated by it and have watched it yearly for the past ten years. The girls in the film have spot on style and the existence they live in is very appealing in comparison to modern reality.

Marianne Faithfull - mega babe
 The look was highly influential - and it's reach can still clearly be seen today in the likes of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, to name but a few. Take the grunge trend; it's essence is equally as thrown together and similarly it's foundation is built on music and the style of those who make the music. Courtney Love and the Babydoll/Riotgrrl look was just another more modern reincarnation with slightly different elements but the same core ideas. Without groupies, fashion would be horrible today.

Vintage suede lace up heels, Etsy: FLUTTER AND ECHO VINTAGE
Kate Moss-channeling 70's glam & groupie glamour
Vintage 70's coat, Etsy: sugarshackvintage