Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Complete Abandonment/AA Disco Pants Debate

Hi! How are you? I've utterley neglected 'Idea, you gave me a fright dear' ever since joining Pinterest. If, by the way, you'd like to see my Pinterest, you can! HERE. It's a shame that there's something more gratifying about just copying images from around the internet on to boards rather than constructing well thought out blog posts, but that's just the way it is.

My lack of blog interest can also be blamed on my fairly new full time job in which I'm literally running around for most of the day reading to children, teaching pensioners how to use computers and any number of other things. 

Anyho, enough of this. What have I been wearing? MMMM. Spending most of my time at work means I spend most of time in work clothes. It took me a few weeks to get the balance right between looking like either a conservative yuppy bitch or a bratty art student, but I feel as if I've finally achieved the balance. There are things I miss wearing, like neon skirts or sequined shorts...things that would be ridiculously controversial at work. I've been living in 3/4 jumpers with midi skirts or cropped trousers and jersey tops, I sometimes wear these Urban Outfitter's trousers (pictured, below) to work, much to the amusement of customers and colleagues alike, apparently they're 'Andy Pandy' trousers. Good, I say.

Outside of work, a major debate of mine has been whether to buy the now cult American Apparel Disco Pants (approx. £74.00) or to save a bit of cash and purchase a cheaper version. Much debate has been had about whether the Disco Pants by 'Glamorous' (£30.00) are any good...I hate to say it, but having tried on pretty much every pair I come across, it's worth spending the extra for the AA ones. The Glamorous ones are made of a much much thinner fabric, you can see VPL through them, so I personally wouldn't want to wear them with a short t-shirt, and generally they just feel rubbish. Topshop have a version, but only in Black. They feel a bit thicker but still not quite up to scratch.

If you want Disco Pants to wear as trousers, just bite the bullet. If you are only wanting shiney leggings to wear under big jumpers etc. Get some nice shiney leggings rather than fake Disco Pants. 

Gosh I've gone off on a bit of a tangent haven't I. 

The End.  I'll be back when I remember this place again.