Monday, 2 July 2012


Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' is one of my favourite films of all time. It has been criticised (mainly by boys) for being one dimensional with a plot that lacks substance. I strongly disagree. Yes, there's a high focus on visual detail and overall aesthetic, but it's based on historical events and I believe Coppola tells the story beautifully. 

The new romantic movement is regulary referenced throughout the film, in the soundtrack (Bow Wow Wow, Adam and the Ants, Siouxsie and the Banshees) and in the costumes. The character of Count Fersen (Marie's lover) wears a costume based on the attire of post-punk hero Adam Ant. Elsewhere, the costumes have an essence of 18th century, but the colours, fabrics and styling brings them to the 21st century

It's a complete feast for the ears and eyes. Coppola selected a beautiful sherbet pastel palette instead of the Burgundy, Navy and deep Green hues conventionally associated with the 18th century, as reinforced by faded paintings and costume dramas. The aim was to 'remove the crustation of sepia' and bring Marie's world to a modern audience. The result is an eccentric, bohemian wonderland. Marie, too, is likeable and very easy to relate to. A world apart from the idle  'let them eat cake' stereotype.

So, on that note, here are some beautiful things i've found to transform your world (and your wardrobe) in to the floral, feminine, acid pastel baroque vision of the film, harnessing youth punk rebellion and new romantic charm... 
1) Dr. Martens Pink Monochrome 1460 Boots (Dr. Martens, £74.00)
 Ahh...Just swooon... 

 2) Secret Heart Flowering Tea (Canton Tea Co, £7.00)
 Tea that comes in a bud and then explodes in to a flower when put in hot water! WOW! 

3) Vivienne Westwood Beige Chancery Mini Yasmin Bag (Urban Outfitters, £232.00)
 Cute and amazing,,, 

4) Stila Custom Colour Adjust Self Adjusting Pink Blusher (Stila, £13.00) 
 This incredible blusher adjusts to the PH balance of your skin to create a customised shade, and it's the perfect bubblegum pink to give vibrant colour

5) Vintage Tulle Skirt by Rouge Pony (Rouge Pony at Etsy, £22.00) 
Beautiful, wear with a cropped pastel t-shirt and pale pink hair

6) Loulou Loves You Claire Flower Headband (Loulou Loves You, £30.00)
The best! creator Lou Lou Androlia has made some incredible head pieces and lingerie, follow the link above, and more on her soon...

7) Vintage China (Sara Evans at Pavlova and Fox, Etsy)
Dreamy china to accompany the flower tea. Sara Evans' Etsy shop is filled with vintage china and antiques...

8) TOMOTOMO Magazine (
Learn about big hair here!

9) Jonathan Saunders Bright Paisley Short Sleeve Tee (Urban Outfitters, £80.00)
Jonathan Saunders doing acid pastel baroque...

10) Fantasy White Hair Dye (hairlights4u at EBay, £6.99)
Do a Marie and do your hair white...

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