Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My current obsessions...

1. Father Ted
2. Pervy pervising on other people's blogs
3. Vice magazine's 'Do's and Don'ts' section
4. Snog marry avoid/Hotter than my daughter on iplayer
5. The idea of getting a tortoise as a pet...although they do live for eternity and I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the concept of tortoise companion out-living me
6. Jam and peanut butter
7. Listening to old mix tapes from when I was 14
8. Carrot cake
9. Tea (ongoing, obviously)
10. Getting a new frock to hit the town in, when I get paid...
11. Buying a HUGE 80's wedding dress from a charity shop just to have, and to hold. I tried a wedding dress on in a shop the other day because it was pretty...a bit like one of the elves' dresses in lord of the rings...It cost £250 or something mad though so that was a no goer. But really though I would like a wedding dress just to wear round, like in Friends.