Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I found this incredible bag that looks like it's about 100 years old in an Oxfam in Cambridge on Sunday. I did an instant swoon, and grabbed it before anyone else could fall in love. I felt like I'd found a relic from an Egyptian tomb, and the fact that it's completely falling apart, to the extent that when I wore it out for the first time on Monday, I was scared that it would disintergrate, makes me love it even more. It smells like a loft (tomb) and feels dusty. It has Camels embossed on the sides, and I'm VERY impressed with it...it's so groase vs. dreamy. 
I feel that everything should have an element of groase about it, to accentuate the dreamy aspects. Creepers, for example, are an essentially ugly shoe. but they are SO dreamy. 
The End. 


Thursday, 19 January 2012


Despite the fear that my 'Blog' is turning in to a place where I occasionally come to show you (the reader?) a picture of a pair of shoes that I want and a short statement on why I want them, here are some shoes that I'd like please, thanks. 

Soo, these kitty shoes are by Charlotte Olympia and cost around £485.00. As well as the above pumps they come in a wedge which is also a complete success, though the stilletto version doesn't quite do it for me. I love these shoes because A) They have cats on them, obvs. B) The cat face is nicely incorporated in to the upper shoe with the ears forming part of the shape C) They have a small chunky GOLD heel, sigh D) The cat isn't rendered in a creepy way, unlike some other efforts i've seen. 

Not being able to afford said shoes, I am forced once again to look at the alternatives...purchase some plain black pumps and get prit-sticking a kitty photo on to the front? 

My obsession with shoes featuring cats and dogs was born when a 13 year old me saw some shoes in 'Elle Girl' magazine (yeah, it was a thing). They were Black patent leather pointed toe  pumps with a kitschy image of a puppy inside a heart frame on the central front. I searched for them for years afterwards and to my delight/confusion recently found them on Ebay! 

 (go-go bargains at www.ebay.co.uk)

But now I'm all grown up and have my own money (sometimes) I don't have such a lust for them. I decided not to buy them, and instead have them preserved in my head as the mysterious dog shoes from yester-year. Similarly, when I was very young I swore that when I was old enough to make my own dietary decisions, I would go to a bakery and eat cake every day. I like cake, yeah, but I wouldn't go for a cake a day. The moral of the story: shoes and cake are the same. The End.