Thursday, 6 October 2011



I am beginning to develop an obsession with the idea that fancy dress/novelty can be transformed in to high fashion. I still get excited when I see those goth/emo and fancy dress shops selling fishnet stockings and stargazer hair dye...and equally excited when I see designer's incorporating such influences in to their collections. Picking out a few trashy accesories to work in to your everyday wardrobe can really refresh it. My main inspiration for this is the character of Enid in 'Ghost World'. Below are some examples of said 'trashy accesories'

1) Skeleton tights - £2.99 

To begin, some nice skeleton tights which could be paired with ankle socks and battered 80's stiletto's for an amazing trashy look which would only hint at the idea of costume. Or, they could be worn with a big wooly jumper and black leather boots for a kind of grungey/punky 'Kurt is dead' look. Either way, I'm going to buy them.

(Available at

2)  Stargazer Products (Hair Dye - £2.60)


Stargazer is the beauty range of choice for the young emo. And for me, When I was younger I used to buy the 'rouge' colour every two weeks to keep my hair looking peachy before going to hang with the emo's in cathedral square. Now I think I'd rather opt for the 'hair mascara' which is such an incredibley 90's idea. Stargazer also make fake eyelashes, clumpy black eyeshadow (much better than this subtle Collection 2000 stuff) and black lipstick - at pocket money prices. Yes, and yes. 

(Available at

3)  Silver Studs - Around £9.00 for 100

Attach hundreds of studs to your best jumper/coat/bag and it'll look better. It's just a fact. Obviously their popularity has been boosted by the recent trend of fetish/goth and gaga and blah blah, but if you can just look past that and imagine how special you will feel when you are all studded up, then buy some. The best thing about them is that you can remove them if you get bored as most just attach with bendy pieces of metal. In this case putting hundreds on the shoulder parts of a loose knit oversized jumper would probably be the best way. Lovely Sid Vicious reference all over your outfit. 

(Available at

4)  Goth Boots - approx. £60.00

If you really want to go all out with some 'biker boots' then you might as well get them from a proper goth shop. You will probably have a better time when you buy them, and they will be more HARDCORE. Team these boots with a big jumper dress and you're ready to go!

(Available at

I'm very affectionate towards this subculture and far from looking down on it and trying to elevate it to a 'higher level' I actually think that it's good the way it is. 'High fashion' or independent designers are also creating pieces that nod towards goth/emo influences. 

Bjorg's range of jewellery at Urban Outfitters embraces the idea of goth with The Craft-esque pieces, and I love it. It's very wicker, 90's, witchcraft. Maybe 'Spike' out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer might wear such things? I think if you're going to buy a ring for that special someone, it really should be this one...                              

Bjorg X UO Grip Crystal Ring - £69.00 (

Depicting a skeleton hand gripping a crystal, this one's a real keeper!

Similarly, this Bjorg X UO Caged Sand Amulet - £89.00 ( also has a strong witchcraft element...

Sonia Rykiel and Miu Miu are examples of designers who have also embraced this trend...Rykiel strongly referencing emo (see below).