Friday, 26 June 2015


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So a bit of self promo never hurt right? On this note...I've started a vintage clothing/shoes/accessories online business via Ebay and Etsy called Saturday Sister Vintage...

Etsy ~ SaturdaySister
It's my first time selling on Etsy and the shop is still in it's beggining stages. I get the strong impression that people don't just find you on Etsy, you have to work hard to get traffic towards your shop using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. I also feel that people who craft their own products do very well as Etsy kind of has that boutique high class feel, people shopping on Etsy are willing to spend money, but only on something they feel is entirely unique and worth it. On one hand I like this about Etsy, it means that if you become a succesful seller you're able to command a fair price, but you just have to work doubley hard initially to do so

Have a peek at my new Etsy store here
Ebay ~ saturday_sister_vintage
I've been using Ebay as a buyer and seller for many years now, and whilst it has it's annoyances (some buyers, the fees), it's still proven to be a good source of income for me when I've needed a bit of extra cash. I've also found some great stuff on there for much less then I probably should have paid for it. I maintain that Ebay is great if you're a buyer in the market for a bargain, and if you do it right, it can be great for sellers too - albeit the high selling fees 

See my Ebay store here

Instagram ~ saturday_sister_vintage
I've found Instagram to be a fantastic tool in getting my business name and images out in to the world, bringing in a new audience and getting people who wouldn't even have known about my new business to take note. I love composing shots of my items for Instagram, you can be really creative. The likes and comments are encouraging, and I've found a handful of other vintage sellers via Instagram who take amazing photos. I also like to look at large brands for inspiration. Topshop's Tokyo Instagram page is great, American Apparel display their merch nicely and KoKopie Shop put Kawaii outfits together really well

Check out my Instagram here  

More about my shop soon...

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Peevus, I have a few. I've been saving them up so I could produce this post, the greatest rant of all time. I guess I'm quite easily irritated which is a trait I don't emplore, yet I can't deny it's there. I try to see the best in all people, but sometimes seeing the best is just so hard when all you can smell is a guy's aftershave (see peeve no.1) or all you can see is a girl's bum cheeks (see peeve no.2). I'm hoping that writing this will allow me to let go of some of these peeves, a kind of therapy in writing if you will.  Jean paul Gaultier, Le Male

Peeve 1) Too Much Aftershave
There's probably a fine line between wearing enough and too much scent. I don't have this problem as I find two light sprays of perfume does the job without knocking people out, but maybe some men think more is more. When you're on the tube, or walking down the street you may pass a man - and if  you can absolutely smell his aftershave for a minute or two before and after he's passed you, that's what I'm refering to. It's that heady alcohol smell that gets right up your nose and makes you want to spew in the guys mouth as an ode to how groase he is for doing this. I think these guys must believe some of the hilarious advertisements for the aftershaves, a promise that women will be jumping them in the street if they spray themselves with this expensive 'love juice'. It has the opposite effect, men, and it's never a nice scent either (though nice scents are frankly few and far between with men's fragrance).

Peeve 2) Bum Shorts
Hey grrls, I can see your whole ass. Bum shorts, if you don't know, are shorts that are so tiny, they aren't shorts at all, they're more like a little denim knicker. Some of the girls that wear these are kids, and they really shouldn't be wearing these for all kinds of reasons, but I get they think it's a rad fashion thing. A message to you kids: please don't wear them again and when you look back at yourself growing up, have a big old laugh at this particular phase. For older girls aka teenagers and WOMEN who sport should know better! I've never seen a girl wearing these who doesn't look self concious. It's actually pretty sad. And such a bad idea to reveal your ass flaps to anyone with eye holes. What happened to being sexy and mysterious? Also, what happened to comfort is king? These guys must feel like a permanent front and back wedgie with the added misery of denim.

Peeve 3) Leggings as Trousers
On the subject of bootys...leggings are like tights without foot pockets. Maybe if you're extremely cool and hot like Edie Sedgewick, you could wear some tights on their own as a fashion statement and totally own that look. But I doubt the average gal is going for this rather specific, niche idea when dressing in leggings and then just throwing a shirt on. You know, you're basically naked as I can see your bum and your tiny pants. It's all there to see, plain as daylight, with only a very thin and feeble stretch of lycra/nylon covering it. This is a heavily discussed fashion faux pas, but I think it deserves a mention nevertheless.

Peeve 4) Skiing Sunglasses
There are so many cool sunglasses out there...round ones, tinted ones, heart shaped ones, there's really no excuse to be wearing sports 'ski' style glasses especially when you're no where near any kind of recreational ground and no where near snow. They. Look. Weird. So this is a personal taste thing, but come on guys, get with the progamme. No one looks good in these disgusting pseudo masculine glasses and I get the impression that guys wear them just because they don't know what other options they have, and they're scared of going for anything that looks too feminine. There friends will laugh at them. So they go for these. Because they look like they're about to do sports with them. And men like sports.

Peeve 5) Ballet Pumps
This was a trend that resurfaced in a big way in the early 2000's. That was ok for a bit, then Winehouse championed a certain beige pair that were basically so lived in they looked like a second skin, that was fine because she was a hot mess and she didn't give a hoot what shoes she was wearing. However, I take issue with the fact the sorry trend still continues to thrive to this day in 'New Looks' and other highstreet giants everywhere. These are grown women wearing what is essentialy a babies' shoe. They may be your go-to because they're comfy and they remind you of being a kid/ballet dancer, or maybe they're so plain and inoffensive, giving off no real statement, that they're your favourite. But they do make a statement, which is ''I need to find a new shoe style to live in''. A Dr Marten's Mary Jane perhaps? Or a chunky brogue? An ankle boot? Anything else but a feeble and long overdue to be binned ballet pump.

Monday, 15 June 2015

MOVING IN WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND... is it that big of a deal?


I've just been offered a job in London. I'm moving there this Friday.

Whilst I'm really excited to be starting 'a new chapter' and I fully acknowledge that I need to get out of the rut-like position I've found myself in and take a step forward in my life, there are a few elements to the move that I've been pondering. I'm lucky in that my boyfriend already lives in London, at a commutable distance from where my new job will be, and so I have a place to live without the stress of finding cash for a deposit - great.

But money is a lot more simple than human relationships, if you have a money problem you more or less know what you need to do to fix it (make more money, spend less etc.) With human relationships, sometimes there seems to be no answer. Perhaps you're too close to the problem to see for yourself what your next move should be. My problem lies in the fact that I don't know if my boyfriend really wants me to move in, maybe he prefers and has become accustomed to living alone. Where will I fit? Both physically (it's a small flat - it's London) and also in to his life. Where will I fit in to his life?

I'm not a lone ranger. We've spoken about this. He's worried he won't have enough quiet time. I'm guessing he thinks I'll rampage drunk around the flat listening to L7 and stuff. It happens. But not every night. He needs plenty of downtime, he needs his own space, he needs an office where he can do his own work. That more or less mirrors what I need. I'm an introvert who, if around people for too long, gets lethargic and needs to take a nap. I can't concentrate and listen to music at the same time, so I'll be working in complete silence when I'm writing etc. Just like him.

Therefore there really shouldn't be a problem, but one thing he said struck me: ''I'm worried that if living together doesn't work out, it will mean the end of our relationship''. If we find ourselves in a position where we simply can't live together for one reason or another, I'll move out (it's technically his flat), we will be living apart, and we will know that, at least right now, we can't live together. A little background - we've been together for coming up to six years and the majority of that has been spent as a long distance relationship, visiting on weekends. Maybe that's why this feels like such a big step - we've never before been in close proximity for what will be such a long amount of time.

On the other hand couples successfully move in together all the time. And we will both be at work for at least five days a week. We certainly will have our own time. The conclusion I've come to is give it a go, how else will I know.

What do you think? Have you ever moved in with a boyfriend/girlfriend and wish you hadn't? How does it change a relationship?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bunny Bissoux, I Love You

I've loved artist/writer/costume maker/general all round cool gal Bunny Bissoux for a good 8 or more years now. I imagine I found out about her via some strange coincidence - I think it involved discovering her details in a toy machine plastic dispender container, as part of an art show in Brighton.

She makes really amazing costumes, she illustrates stuff, she makes zines, she has a super bitchin' Big Cartel shop selling deadstock playing cards. She moved to Japan from the UK. All this scores large points on my 'you're so cool I love you' radar.

Fast Food Outfits, Hotdog Dress and Coat, Handmade From Mixed Fabrics, Bunny Bissoux, 2007

Purikura Hontou Vol.II Zine, includes mini colour poster, Bunny Bissoux
'Tokyo' Sticker Set, Bunny Bissoux x Lazy Oaf,
Powder Pink Magic 2 x Pin Badge Set,

For more info on Bunny, including commissioned work, visit her website:

And check out her Big Cartel shoppe:

Dork DISASTER Clothes and Shoes!

Some clothes look bad on some people, don't they. That's why fashion (or rather, the generally more small minded category of women's lifestyle magazines) has developed a list of rules which you may feel inclined to follow. The whole thing about curvy girls needing to avoid horizontal stripes is one example of a rule turned holy grail which isn't really true, but many people follow religiously. Another old chestnut is 'never wear brown and black together', oh how deadfully passe! In Februray 2014 Michael Kors dressed his models in brown, black, and grey. No one died, no realities collapsed. So hey ho, rules are there to be broken right?

Michael Kors, NYC Fashion Week 2014

But whilst I'm a firm believer that anyone should be able to wear anything they want to, I do think knowing what suits you is a powerful skill to posses. I've been dressing myself for about 16 years now (if 5 yrs old is when you start putting your own clothes on?), and so I've had plenty of time to perfect my wardrobe. During those 16 years I've journeyed through many sartorial phases, ofcourse not all great, noteably the Courtney Love phase and the nu-rave phase. The nu-punk-rocker phase had to be the worst of the bunch, but that happened when I was only 13, so ok. As I always say, experimentation is king - it allows you to establish what you like and don't like.

Here's some stuff I now KNOW doesn't suit me, and I must be reminded of this frequently as I sometimes forget and try to buy some of the below items because I think they're cool. They always look shit on me because I always feel like a dork in them, so I should never buy them. Let's begin.

1) Flatforms
Asos Hangtime Flatform Sandals,

Because of my abnormally knobbly knees and general kid's physique, these guys make me look so ridiculous. They elongate my feet, emphasising the funny knees. They shorten my legs and make me walk like a fool. I've tripped up in these loads too, from the front - so imagine scuffing the fronts of the shoes on the pavement and then doing a sort of forward trip.

2) Skater Dresses
Topshop Textured Box Pleat Dress,

A cinched in high waist, great - I love a high waist. The problem with this shape on my kid like body lies in the puffed out skirt, the length of the skirt, the whole upper, the fact that it looks like a kid's dress. It's just really bad on me. I've owned a few of these in the past, beautiful crushed velvet, ladylike grey, casual cotton, all were wrong. You have to feel nice in the clothes you wear, they are transformative. Skater dresses make me feel like an awkward teen.

3) Midi Skirts with Long Boots

This can probably look great on some people. But I tried the combo of a midi skirt i.e. falling below the knee, with a knee high boot once, and boy did I feel like a middle aged mum. 

4) Skull/Beanie Hats

The super tight kind that outlines the shape of your skull. Yep, those. I'm weird about the shape of my skull in that I think I have quite a flat head from the side (!), so as far as I'm concerned these just accentuate that. They also look like an idiot condom and make my forehead itch. I go for a nice slouchy hat knitted by a gran, a polite beret or a hood instead.

 5) Brogues

Clarkes Hamble Oak Brogue,

I hate the word 'brogue' for starters. 
I bought some black patent brogues from Topshop a month ago. I've now sold them on Ebay - an example of me forgetting something looks dorkey on me and only remembering after it's too late. What's my problem with this 'classic' shoe? Well, I feel overdressed in them, I don't feel cool in them, I don't feel laid back in them, I feel like a pristine loser going on a countryside walk, in a city, and also like a twee Cath Kidston man boy. These are things I don't want to feel like. I love feeling like a boy. I have a pair of vans that I live in, and when I wear them I sure don't feel like a girly girl, it's just that the brogue, also being a manly shoe, suggests another world entirely, and it's a world I don't like.

Some other sartorial stuff that gives me the creeps, to be expanded on in the near future:
-When shoes I'm wearing click on the floor
-Waterfall skirts
-New Converse
-Bowler hats

Below please tell me two things you think look dorkey on you, and why, so I can see if I can also add them to my list

Thursday, 4 June 2015


You've broken up with the person who has seen you cry/pee/spew/drunk poo/do it etc etc. They've seen you in your worst moods, the moods you would never dream of revealing to friends, but somehow it was ok for your partner to take regular peeps at your monster within. Now you're no longer lovers. Technically you're nothing much. But the memories of all that stuff you've done, seen and shared together remain and you've really seen the most fucked up sides of each other's personalities. 

So then, to be expected to make nice with that person after a break up and go on like it's all cool is a joke. I talk from personal experience(s). Ofcourse, if you're lucky enough to want to be friends with an ex, I guess that means it didn't end so horribley that you just want to die. But maybe you're thinking you should be friends, because you've met a few cute people who talk about how they're currently great friends with all their exes (''I don't know how you couldn't be!'') and it would make you a better person to try and be friends. Maybe on a practical level you're thinking it would make bumping in to them less awkward if that's likely to happy, and maybe you just think it's the 'right' thing to do, you know, being an adult and all.

Well, forget all that. I'm here to tell you it's completely fine not to want to be friends with any of your exes, I would actually encourage you not to. For the serious bit...I know everyone is different and some people just do manage to be friends after they've split up. If this is you, reader, do tell me how. 

But for the sake of my point, I'd like to tell you about a couple of attempts I've made at staying friends with exes. I've done this twice in the past when I used to be a positive, naive kid. I'm now older and wiser and cynical. I'm a realist, man.

Attempt 1:
My first long term boyfriend. I was too young to be in a relationship of this nature, which started when I was only 14. Three years in and I'd cheated on him numerous times, too young to take on the responsibility of a serious relationship, I just wanted fun. So, when things finally ended we both had a clean break and didn't see each other for a year or more. Great. 
But then I must have thought it would be good idea to contact him and see how he was getting on. Bearing in mind I'd never broken up with anyone before, so it was like a sick experiment. We ended up meeting in a kitsch, 1970's themed cafe and afterwards going on to a pub (WHY!!) I remember I was really nervous and the whole thing was unpleasent and awkward. Yet we continued to meet up over the next few months all in the name of friendship. Eventually, and I think completely inevitabley he tried to sleep with me when we ended up sleeping in the same bed after a drunken night out. I've no idea why I let it go so far and allowed myself to get in to such a stupid predicament - let's call it youthful naivety. Needless to say I never saw him again. To this day it still makes me feel sick thinking about the prospect that I nearly 'went there' again when it was so clear that the break up was right, just because I was seeking a friendship that could never have been

Attempt 2:
The next serious relationship I had only lasted a year, but boy did I fall for this one. If the last relationship had been a testing ground, this was the one where I fell in love. It was a bad break up (see previous post, my top five break up songs). He cheated on me, he accused me of cheating on him, no one knew what was going on. But ultimately I maintain the feeling that I loved him and he broke my heart. He treated me badly at the end. He was neglectful, untrustworthy, and unreliable. However this didn't stop me! Low and behold a few months after our unsavioury break up one of us got back in touch and we decided to meet. We chose a pub (I learnt nothing from last time), and proceeded to get drunk and then fight about our now long ago finished relationship, which resulted in me telling him 'I'll never see you again, I hope you miss me!'' So sassy! Despite this we stayed in touch as 'friends' and continued to see each other and sleep with each other. Now I know what you're thinking...we weren't friends, we were still lovers and so this doesn't count. But believe me, I had every intention of just being friends. It was all too safe, easy and familiar to let it lie

Moral of the story - If there's even the tiniest bit of lust left there, you can't be friends. If you're kind of repulsed by your ex, you can't be friends. Even if you're kind of ok with them, you have other friends who haven't witnessed the things your ex has, so why not just hang out with them instead? Put this friends with your ex fantasy to bed. I think there will always be a competitive nature to your 'friendship' with an ex, i.e. who gets a new partner first, who seems happier, who is over the other one first. This will NOT bring happiness. Your friends are meant to love you whole heartedly, want the best for you and always be there for you, within reason, no matter what. Could an ex lover really be that person for you? I truly don't believe so.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP KIT inc Lush, Topshop, Sleek & The Body Shop

I have a fair amount of makeup but I don't A) store it nicely or B) look after it correctly. I'm not proud of this - it's just, I think, that makeup is by nature messy. Coloured liquids, glosses, powders all spilling out and getting trashed. I wish I had a beautifully arranged area for makeup with draws and units or sections, just like Zoella the YouTube star. But I keep my makeup like I keep art equipment, all crammed in to one box with no order, just waiting for the happy day when I decide to try a different shade of eyeshadow (I get stuck on one product which I keep in my everyday beauty bag, and call me lazy, but it takes me months to change the contents, despite a multitude of choices only feet away in a draw).

That's not to say I don't have some great makeup which I could be using in some kind of display in my bedroom (?) or featuring in countless 'favourite' YouTube videos. It's the kind of makeup that I love and have a lot to say about, it's makeup that's so pretty it deserves some attention. But, no, it is destined to remain in the dark top draw.

However, since I came back from travelling just over a month ago, I quickly began experimenting with makeup again. This may have been down to my makeup collection  being absent from my life for months, and therefore it was a novelty having all this 'new' makeup to try when I returned. It could also be down to the fact I've come back with a bit of a tan and so different products/colours suit me now. A few days in to coming back, I'd found a range of products which I was very happy with - a quick, easy and effective morning makeup routine using a miminal amount of products, but good quality ones that I love. Here it is...

My daily face, laid out on a dirty rug...

1) The Body Shop Brow Definer in 03 Dark Brown: I like this guy. It's a soft kohl pencil so it goes on nicely and the shade doesn't contain any red tones so it's a more natural colour. Nowadays I get my brows tinted at a salon otherwise they'd be two barely there lines, but this pencil is great when I want extra definition, or the brows are due a tint

2) Topshop Kohl Pencil in Black: What do you think about Topshop makeup? I like it, a lot. This one is a great eyeliner pencil with a lovely soft formula that goes on easily, great for creating a flick, which then stays put

3) MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Swan: I found this in my makeup box after I came back from travelling. Thanks Becky, I think? I use this alongside the Topshop pencil on goth days, it works like a thick smudgey colour, perfect for filling in the outer corner of the eye. I then use the Topshop pencil to create a small flick. I love this eyeliner

4) CARGO OneBase Concealer and Foundation in 02: A makeup artist friend gave me this, it gives great coverage, suiting my more tanned complexion to a T right now. I use another coverage product alongside this so I wouldn't say it's an all in one product, but it's great under the eyes and on blemishes as a light but effective liquid concealer

5) L'OREAL The Minerals True Match Mineral Powder Foundation: I'm crazy about this! I took one travelling and used it for the duration (it contains SPF too don't you know). The powder offers a light foundation like coverage which really does disguise flaws. I used this on its own whilst away, but now I sweep a tiny bit over the Cargo concealer and that's my base (almost) done. The one criticism is, if you have oily skin like I do, it doesn't mattify the skin, so I now sweep a tiny bit of translucent powder over the top to finish

6) N07 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Starry Lights: A great cheap (ish) eyeshadow that has just the right amount of shimmer, opens up your eyes and makes a fantastic base for other shadows or eyeliner, my go to for a basic fuss free day face

7) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black: A good standard. It's reasonably cheap, doesn't gloop and kinda just does the job. Excuse my lack of enthusiasm - I'll come clean. Since taking this photo of my makeup bag, I've started using Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara - a free sample I got from a magazine, and it's INCREDIBLE. I'm not normally one to be bothered about mascaras as I could never notice a significant difference between one and another, but the Benefit one is totally different and amazing, I will blog about it soon

8) CARGO Cheek Activator: A subtle shimmery liquid blush/highlighter, again given to me by my makeup artist friend. I dab a little along my cheek bone after applying foundation and powder, and it gives a slight glow, not overally noticeable, but nice if you just want a little glimmer or if used as a highlighter alongside a blusher or bronzer

9) Lush Eyeliner in Control: I'm a BIG fan of Lush's makeup range. I love the concept of colours to suit moods, and colour therapy applied to makeup. Makeup is transformative after all, therefore the psychology of colour fits nicely with it. This liquid eyeliner is a beautiful mermaid sea blue, and swept over your eyelid it looks fantastic. I particularly love this colour right now because my hair is a peachy pink, and the two colours just work together. Also, the name, 'Control' appeals too. Yep, I think I'd like some more control in my life at the mo

10) Sleek Lipstick in Mystic: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick. It's one of my favourites of all time! It's a beatiful purpley pink - not my normal lip colour palette of choice,  but it also has quite a dark, deep rich plum tone to it which makes it a goth 90s dream. The formula is matte and it stays on for ages. People got really obsessed with it for a while. There was a time not so long ago when this lipstick had sold out in all Boots and Superdrugs. I tried to buy it online and the only one I could find was selling for £65 on Amazon! This baby normally only retails for £5

11) The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter: Nice, standard lip balm which does the job. Try their Shea lip butter instead, it smells like toffee popcorn. I kind of like the mango one but it's a but sickly sweet

12) The Body Shop Eyeliner Pencil in White: I worked at The Body Shop for a while. My old boss who is a makeup extraordinaire taught me how to make my eyes look bigger by lining the lower water line with white. It really does work

There you have it. I love writing about makeup, I should do it more

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Am I the only who doesn't understand Google+ and has no desire to learn to understand it?

I can't recall the first time it appeared in my life, all I know is I was perfectly happy with this blog, my other blog, and YouTube, when all of a sudden out of nowhere stupid Google+ appeared and made everything go weird. 

Maybe I'm a techno-phob. I just can't be arsed to get my head around new technology, IT programmes and Google's strange social media ephiany when I'm fine with the way things are. Whoa, I'm starting to sound 88 years old. I have an i-pod, but I only bought it when I literally couldn't bear the thought of lugging round a CD walkman and a case full of CD's on another trip. I had an old Nokia phone that cost me a tenner in Tesco. It was fine for what I needed. But then I was given an old smartphone and that opened up a whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes). My friend had to slowly and patiently talk me through Instagram, the concept of apps, how to just even use the thing etc. She was like my grandaughter that day, bless her, she did a good job. I now enjoy Instagram very much, and the smartphone, though not used to its full potential, has become a thing I rely on.

These examples illustrate how I will not accept new tech stuff in to my life, unless it's forced on me, or I have to. So when Google+ appeared I tried not to pay any attention to it. What's this 'sharing cloud'? What so you follow people on it, and your blog is on it and then all the comments you've made on YouTube appear on it like a horrible reminder of all the naff shit you've said on other people's videos (don't worry, I'm not a troll, it's more like gushy comments on vlogger's videos who I love. Helen Melon, Keira Rose, JingleHeartArt, I'm talking about you). 

It looks clumsy too, there's boxes everywhere. I have no clue what is what and where I'm meant to do anything. So, I decided a couple of days ago to get rid of the bugger. I found out how to completely delete it and the feeling of satisfaction and smugness I felt clicking through to the final confirmation screen ''do you REALLY want to delete your account?' was almost as good as when I recently deleted my Facebook (I'm embarking on a bit of social media cull right now).

But that smugness only lasted a little while after I realised that oh, now no one looks at my blog. Rather then feel sad, I laughed when I saw the numbers of views on my recent posts. Good quality stuff (ah hem) that would have attracted at least 10 views by now, with one view? This isn't right! I'm used to not having a large following, and I'm ok with that because I know that if I worked really really hard at it, like some people do, I probably could get more followers. I've also accepted that I do this for myself, because I love writing and taking photos, I love looking back at the blog and I hope to one day write a column for a magazine, like ELLE. So I see all writing as practice. But one view! It's comically bad.

I've decided therefore to go back on Google+ and try to work out WTF is going on with it so I don't hate it as much. Actually I probably will still hate it,  judging by the popular opinions of my friends and family. But you know, you've got to get those views.

So here I go, back in to the world of Googleidiot+. Now how do I re-join?